Acne and Problem Skin

Millions of people suffer from acne and badly blemished skin with papules, pustules and comedones. Adolescents are especially affected during the puberty phase (hormonal change). However, these skin problems are not pure puberty. A lot of people even after the puberty have still acne. Here a variety of factors can play a role, which must be found out and eliminated! A lot of products promise a successful treatment. Unfortunately all too often without results for those affected. With the 7-component method, you can really handle this problem successfully.

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Skin care

Vitality and beauty of the skin are related to their physiological balance. Human skin has its own peculiarities and needs at every stage of age. But external factors (sunlight, weather, climate, etc.) must not be disregarded. Taking into account all these factors, beauty products for the different skin types have been and are being developed in our laboratory. But also depending on the seasons, our skin has different needs. Your choice when purchasing a product must be aware of skin and life situation.

A "must" from the age of 30 - anti-aging products

Already between the 28th and 30th year of age, the aging of our skin begins. The cell division is slowed down and the emergence of new elastic tissue decreases. A young skin is rich in collagen, elastin and hyaluron. With age, these three components decrease. Too much sun, smoking, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can promote this process. The skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabbier. The first wrinkles appear on the forehead and around the eyes. The skin is no longer so even and become spotty. Anti-aging products are products with special active ingredients that reduce the aging processes caused by the environment and other external influences. Anti-aging products support the natural regeneration process and provide the skin with active ingredients that slow down the aging process.


A well-groomed and tight eye area stands for attractiveness and charisma!
In order to maintain this until old age, you must use special products developed for the eyes, which take into account the physiology of the skin and contain no irritating substances.
Face care products are almost never suitable for the eye area!