The HAYOUN 7-component method was developed more than 50 years ago by Edouard Hayoun together with a chemist. A unique treatment concept with the associated products for the treatment of acne and impure skin was created.

Our products are not mild products - but treat acne and impure skin effectively and purposeful. HAYOUN offers a professional line and a line for home care.


What is the 7-component method?

The method is based on the interaction of three factors:

Regular home care with the HAYOUN problem skin set. This contains five products:  wash gel, face lotion, deep cleansing mask, day cream and night lotion.

Moderate and severe acne requires regular treatment from a Hayoun skin specialist using the professional HAYOUN products. These products, which are used exclusively by the HAYOUN specialist, are more concentrated than home care products. In addition, there is a cleansing of the skin.

To eat for the first 8 weeks of the treatment a recommended diet. To clean the whole body and after this a test period to find out on which supplements the clients skin react,

This method fights acne, pimples and commedones from inside and outside!

What can you do yourself!

Step 1

HAYOUN SUGAR SOAP and MIRACLE LOTION cleanse and disinfect the skin and together they help to re-open clogged pores. This makes it easier to remove impurities.


Step 2
The HAYOUN BLACK MASK has a slightly peeling effect and removes impurities and regulates the sebum production.


Step 3
Use the LEMON MOISTURIZER. The Lemon moisture the skin, neutralize the pH and keep the skin in good condition.


Here you come to our products in the online shop!


Millions of people suffer from badly blemished skin with papules, pustules and comedones.
Adolescents are particularly affected during the puberty phase (hormonal change). However, these skin problems are not a pure puberty phenomenon.
Hundreds of thousands still suffer from visible blemishes after puberty. Here a variety of factors can play a role, which must be found out and eliminated!
Diverse products promise a successful treatment. Unfortunately all too often without lasting results for those affected.

What is acne?

Due to increased sebum production and a cornification disorder in the output of the sebaceous follicle form comedones. If these become inflamed, papules, pustules or nodules develop. These spread and cause acne. If this is not treated, or if you press yourself against the inflammation, permanent scars can develop.

Acne and diet, nonsense or not?

Meanwhile, even doctors and scientists no longer doubt that certain foods promote acne.

It is now known that many foods aggravate acne (e.g., dairy products, sweets, etc.).

Stress can also cause acne. It boosts the testosterone production, a hormone that can aggravate acne. Stressed persons also always finger around in the face and that often so long, until pimples and possibly also inflammations arise.

Finally, hygiene is also important. Do not always finger around with dirty hands on the face, this can cause bacterial inflammation

Acne, only younger people?

Acne is not just a problem of young people. 20% of adults still have acne, even in old age.

Stress, hormonal fluctuations such as  pregnancy, smoking, heredity and environmental factors (e.g. working with certain substances) can cause acne.

Acne, just in the face?

Acne can also occur in other areas than just the face, e.g. on the chest, back or in the pubic area. Again, the Hayoun products help.

When do you have to visit the doctor:

In some people, the skin can inflame so much that a visit to a doctor is recommended. The doctor can prescribe all kinds of medicine, e.g. antibiotics, hormones or special creams. Also, there are a number of skin conditions that look like acne but are not acne. These diseases can be caused by mold or bacteria. A determination of the cause is necessary here.

Our products:

An oil-free wash gel for all skin types, especially for acne and problem skin, composed of natural components. Cleans deeply and thoroughly, is anti-inflammatory. Also ideal for men's skin.

Miracle Lotion
A facial lotion that opens the pores, disinfects, anti-inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation. Especially for the acne and impure skin. But also for other skin types, the use of this lotion 1-2 times a week, in the evening is helpful. The skin will be cleaned deeply and a radiant, clear skin is the result. Stimulates regeneration.

Black Mask
For acne and blemished skin. This mask is bactericidal, deep cleansing (concentrated heat development), slightly peeling, stimulates the regeneration process.

Lemon Moisturizer
For the acne and impure skin and the youthful skin. A nourishing and protective moisturizer that regulates the moisture content of the skin.

Drying Lotion
For oily skin, acne and problem skin. A night lotion that regulates sebum production, has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes and disinfects the skin.

Bio Mask

For all skin types, including acne and problem skin. A mask with calming action, reduces redness and irritation. The mask has a slightly bleaching effect.