More than 50 years ago, Edouard Hayoun developed a method and the corresponding products to treat acne and impure problem skin. Products and methods have been and continue to evolve.

This also applies to the exceptionally high-quality, effective and skin-friendly cosmetic lines for the various skin types.

The range of HAYOUN covers today all Beauty products.

Starting from own institutes in the USA and Israel, Edouard Hayoun came to Europe in 1978 and founded his headquarters in the Netherlands.

At the end of 1994, HAYOUN Vertriebs GmbH became the main branch. From here, all German customers and all other countries (including the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and Taiwan) are supplied.

The HAYOUN Vertriebs GmbH, under the direction of Anita Voigt, guarantees a good customer contact and the supply with excellent products.